-  Introduction  -

 Welcome to my site. I am a guitarist, guitar teacher and composer/songwriter.


On this site you will find some of my original music demo's, recorded on home studio equipment. Also there are some video clips of some covers that I overdubbed guitar onto for showcase purposes.

I play all the instruments apart from the drums which are plainly pre-programmed. 

Also teach guitar to students of varying abilities,but mainly beginners which gives me great satisfaction.


I am also currently looking for a suitable professional band  working on cruise ships/overseas hotel contracts/ functions  or an established original's band  who are working /touring professionally.

I've been in various original and covers bands,in the U.K. and overseas. I am a versatile player and always looking for new challenges.

I'm very adaptable musically and many forms of music interest me. I don't wish to categorize myself too much - as long as I like what I hear and enjoy playing that's the most important thing to me.


I'm also passionate about photography and do occassional freelance work.


I also love to travel overseas and have travelled many times to Asia,India,Nepal,Europe etc.  I have toured with a band around Germany which was great and combining playing music professionally with travelling (touring etc.) overseas is the greatest thing !

So take a look around and I hope you enjoy any sounds you listen to and thanks for visiting.


All the best.



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.